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General Information

The Salt Lake Family Christmas Gift Show is produced and managed by: 
Marketplace Events LLC
2000 Auburn Dr., Ste 200 
Beachwood, OH 44122 
(800) 521-7469



Thursday, November 14, 2024  10:00am – 9:00pm 
Friday, November 15, 2024       10:00am – 9:00pm 
Saturday, November 16, 2024   9:00am – 9:00pm 


The show team can be found at the end of  Aisle #1400, near Dock Door #5 during move in and show hours.


Security guards will be on duty 24 hours each day during the show. Every reasonable precaution will be taken to protect Vendors’ property, but Show Management assumes no responsibility for any losses due to fire, theft, robbery, damage, accident, or other causes.   

Please take the following suggestions under advisement: 

  • Do not leave your booth unattended during set-up, show, or move-out
  • Do not leave small items, electronics, one-of-a-kind special samples, prototypes, generated leads, or extremely valuable merchandise in your booth overnight

Final payment for exhibit space must be made by October 15, 2024. Show management reserves the right to refuse entry to any vendor whose account has not been paid in full. Any vendor not paid in full by the deadline will NOT appear in the official show program listing. 

If you have any questions regarding payment processes, please contact Gianna Grisolia at or 801.456.7486.

Any balances that are outstanding after the show will automatically be sent to collections and the vendor will still be responsible to pay off the booth space and will not be allowed to exhibit in any future shows with Marketplace Events. 

Facility Ordering and Information

Modern Expo - Decorator & Electrical Kit - 2024

Order Online Here**: Modern Expo Ordering Form

Important Deadlines

  • Friday, November 1, 2024
    • Pre-Order Discount Deadline: all orders must be received along with full payment to qualify for discounted pricing.
  • Monday, September 30, 2024
    • First Day Advanced Warehouse Freight Delivery
  • Friday, November 8, 2024
    • All Advance Shipments must be received in warehouse. Late fee may apply to shipments arriving after this date.
  • Tuesday, November 12, 2024
    • Direct to Show shipments may begin to arrive at exhibit facility.


Internet, Wi-Fi or Phone: Wifi is $60 per day, per device. 

Order link:
Wifi Ordering

For additional questions call Darren Satterwhite at 385.468.2284  
After hours call MAEC Guest Services Office phone 385.468.2266


Modern Expo - Decorator & Electrical Kit - 2024

Modern Expo & Events is pleased to have been selected as the show decorator. In the above manual, you will find:

  • Important Show Dates & Information
  • Service Order Forms, including:
    • Booth Packages
    • Booth Furnishings
    • Electrical Service
      • Mountain America Expo Center’s overhead lighting is very good and many exhibitors find this in-house lighting adequate. Battery powered electrical is an alternate solution for you.
    • Material Handling
    • Labor
  • On-line Ordering Instructions
  • Payment Instructions
  • Terms & Conditions

Please contact Modern Expo with any questions you might have concerning decor to exhibitor services:

  • 801-983-8160


Please be aware, there is no drive in capabilities, hand carry & hand carts ONLY.

* New This Year!
Tuesday, November 12, 2024

4:00pm - 9:00pm

Wednesday, November 13, 2024

9:00am - 9:00pm

Thursday, November 14, 2024

8:00am - 9:30am


Saturday, November 16, 2024

9:15pm - 11:45pm 

Sunday, November 17, 2024

7:00am - 5:00pm

Vendors may not dismantle or remove exhibit materials before 9:15pm on Saturday when the show closes.  This policy will be strictly enforced and is a Fire Marshal rule.  Any vendor violating this rule may not be permitted to exhibit in future shows.

All vendor materials must be removed from the exhibit space by 5:00 PM on Sunday. Outbound freight not removed from the hall by 3:00 PM will be forced out on Marketplace Event’s carrier of choice at exhibitor’s expense.


Please review prior to the show to ensure you are following the building guidelines for sampling and selling.

Alcohol Sales Requirements:

  • No alcoholic beverage sampling may occur on site.

Food Or Consumable Items:

  • Sample Size:  Sampling must be no more than 2 ounces for foods and 4 ounces for beverages.
  • New This Year: All Food & Beverage vendors are required to pay a flat fee of $100 if selling any products that can be readily consumed on site. This will be assessed by Sodexo.
  • All F&B vendors are required to turn in the Sodexo Outside F&B Sampling & Selling Form to Sodexo no later than (30) days prior to event start date for approval of any F&B items being supplied outside of Sodexo.
  • No concession related food or beverage can be plated or served for onsite consumption without approval from Sodexo.  Every specialty food product must be pre-packaged and prepared for home consumption.  

Health Department Guidelines:

Vendors selling or sampling food must have a Temporary Food Establishment Permit and may require a Temporary Food Handlers Card obtained through the Salt Lake County Health Department.  You may call 385.468.3845 to discern whether your product requires a permit or a Food Handlers Card. Applicants can email their application to  SL County Health Dept..  You must apply at least 12 days in advance of the show to avoid a $45 late fee.

Please note that every vendor with food products being sampled and/or for sale must have a temporary hand washing station in their booth.  See examples in the Food Safety Guide & Temporary Food Service Guide.  It is up to you to make sure that you are in compliance with Salt Lake’s Health Department requirements. 


Parking at the MAEC: 

FREE. No parking at the back loading docks areas.  Use the North East parking area for all vendor staff leaving the front of the building for your customers.

Additional parking is available at the NICE inContact building across State Street from Expo Center available after 5 pm weekdays and all hours Sat and Sun.  

RV Parking:

No RV’s overnight at the Mountain America Expo Center. Please see below for suggested RV Parking:

  • Mountain Shadows RV Park:  13275 S. Minuteman Dr., Draper, UT.  801.571.4024. Located 5 miles from MAEC. 
  • Salt Lake KOA:  1400 West N Temple, SLC, UT 84116.  801.328.0224 Located 16 miles from MAEC.

Rules & Regulations


Exhibitors are responsible for their own electrical and lighting.  If you require electricity for your booth, please contact Modern Expo. Electrical regulations can be found on Modern Expo's Kit, page #20.



Vehicles must be pre-approved by show management.

  • A set of keys must be left with Show Management for the duration of the show.
  • All vehicles must have a locking gas cap or gas cap sealed with tape and no more than 1 gallon of fuel in the
  • vehicle.
  • All vehicle batteries must be disconnected and have cables taped. Please contact Show Management to have
  • this scheduled.
  • Fueling/refueling inside the building is prohibited.

  • All RV, trailers, etc. must have a working smoke detector in place while in the building.



Your booth display must be flame retardant.  Tree branches, hay stacks, sawdust, or other highly combustible materials will not be allowed in any exhibit.  All drapes, curtains, table coverings, skirts, carpet, or any decorative materials used in exhibits must have a fire-rating tag and/or be flame retardant.  (International Fire Code 2015 Section 800).  The use of oil cloth, tarpaper, sisal paper, nylon, orlon and certain other synthetic materials cannot be made flame retardant and their use is strictly prohibited.

Any enclosed or covered exhibit, including trailers, canopies, awnings, etc. exceeding 100 square feet, must have a smoke detector installed at the peak of the structure.  Covered exhibits that are 300 square feet or greater will require the service of a certified Fire Watch Personnel at the cost of the vendor.

All merchandise and materials must be contained within the exhibit space for the duration of the show and you may not extend your display into the aisle, stand or sit in the aisle. This is a fire code requirement!



Vendors selling or sampling food must have a Temporary Food Establishment Permit and may require a Temporary Food Handlers Card obtained through the Salt Lake County Health Department.  You may call 385.468.3845 to discern whether your product requires a permit or a Food Handlers Card. Applicants can email their application to  You must apply at least 12 days in advance of the show to avoid a $45 late fee.

Please note that every exhibitor with food products being sampled and/or for sale must have a temporary hand washing station in their booth.  See examples in the Food Safety Guide & Temporary Food Service Guide.  It is up to you to make sure that you are in compliance with Salt Lake’s Health Department requirements. 

No concession related food or beverage can be plated or served for onsite consumption without approval from your show manager.  Every specialty food product must be pre-packaged and prepared for home consumption.  

You may obtain hot water for your hand washing station at the NW end of the building (hall 5) through the single door in the black wall by the “Twin Peaks Market”.



Any use of microphones, audio equipment and musical instruments must be pre-approved from show management.


Each Vendor is responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses and permits to use music, photographs or other copyrighted material in Vendor’s booth or display. No Vendor will be permitted to play, broadcast, perform any music or use any other copyrighted material, such as photographs or other artistic works, without first presenting to Marketplace Events proof that the Vendor has, or does not need a license to use such music or copyrighted material. Marketplace Events reserves the right to remove from the exhibit all or any part of the booth or display that contains music, photographs and or copyrighted materials for which the Vendor fails to produce proof that the Vendor holds all the required licenses. The Vendor shall remain reliable for all claims, causes of action, suits, damages, liability, expenses, and costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees, arising from or out of any violation of infringement (or claimed violation of infringement) by Vendor, Vendor’s age of employees of any patent, copyright or trade secret rights or privileges.

Booth Guidelines

Booth Planning 101 Video - Tips and Tricks about planning your booth space.

Booth Expectations

We ask you to plan your space to incorporate holiday décor. We know from other shows that those booths that are decorated do better! The shoppers love feeling festive!

Covering the entirety of your booth's floor is required.  Please be prepared to put down some type of clean, professional-looking floor covering that covers 100% of the booth’s square footage such as carpet, foam tile, remnant etc. All edges must be secured. You may bring your own or rent from Modern Expo.

Table Skirting
It is mandatory that all tables are properly skirted. Skirting must go from the edge of the table to the floor on all four sides. All skirting must be pressed and neat. Use of plastic tablecloths, sheets, shower curtains or any type of  “makeshift” tablecloths is not permitted. We strictly enforce this and will skirt all incorrectly skirted tables at the vendor’s expense.

All inventory and personal items must be stored COMPLETELY OUT OF SIGHT. Your booth should look professional and inviting to the attendee. Limited storage is available on a first come first serve basis, please reach out to the onsite team for assistance.



Your basic listing will be uploaded to the website when you book your booth. Within 24 hours you will receive an automated email to enhance your listing. This link can be used multiple times and you can make updates and changes to your listing. If you have any questions regarding the online vendor listing or do not receive the link, please email our digital support rep,


Need help with your listing?
View the tutorial video -   Youtube Video and the FAQs.
To see some samples, visit the Interactive Exhibitor List section of the website. 

Learn more about the benefits of creating your enhanced listing.
Go from basic to ENHANCED!

Sales Tax

CLICK HERE for the Utah State Temporary Sales Tax Application

1.  Do I need to complete the application if I am a Utah Business - Yes, please follow the instructions on the top of the application? You will file and pay through the temporary sales tax license as you are doing an offsite sale away from your normal place of business.

2.  Do I need to complete if I am not selling - Yes, please follow the instructions on the top of the application.

3. Tax Identification - You only need to complete one form of a tax id if you plan on selling.  Choose the one applicable to your business

4.  How do I pay for my outstanding events - Please call us at 801-297-6303 and we can take payment over the phone. We can take a check or credit card. If you use your checking account with a routing and account number, there is not at fee, if you use credit or debit, there will be a fee. Outstanding events must be resolved before you can set up.

5. TAX RATE - Tax rate for merchandise is 7.25% pre-packaged food 3%

6. When will I receive my license - You will receive the license at the event

7. I have another person selling in my booth -   If there is more than one person selling in the booth and paying his or her own taxes, each person must complete the application

8. Where do I send the application - Please email to

Ticket Information


This will be located within the main lobby during event hours.


Vendor badges are NOT mailed out prior to the show. 

Vendor badges can be picked up at the registration desk during move in. Badges are required to identify yourself as an authorized vendor. Vendors will not be allowed access during show days without a badge. Vendor badges are not required during move-in. 

Up to Five (5) vendor badges are provided for 100 -300 square feet. 
Up to Ten (10) vendor badges are provided for 400+ square feet of space.
(10 badges maximum)




  • Hyatt House
    • Located 0.9 miles from MAEC on 9685 S. Monroe St., Sandy, UT 84074
    • Phone Number: 801.304.5700
    • Breakfast included.  Shuttle service with advance notice. 
  • Homewood Suites by Hilton
    • Located 4.2 miles from MAEC on 844 East North Union Ave., Midvale, UT 84047. 
    • Phone Number: 801.561.5999, ask for Isabella Akauola or Donna Wilson to make your reservation. 
  • Best Western Plus Cotton Tree Inn
    • Located 1.6 miles from MAEC on 10695 S. Auto Mall Dr., Sandy, UT 84070
    • Phone Number: 801.523.8484
    • Hot breakfast served every day.  Restaurants close by. 
  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites
    • Located 1.8 miles from MAEC on 10680 S. Auto Mall Dr., Sandy, UT 84070
    • Phone Number: 801.495.1317
    • Includes breakfast.
  • Mountain Shadows RV Park:  13275 S. Minuteman Dr., Draper, UT.  801.571.4024.
  • Salt Lake KOA:  1400 West N Temple, SLC, UT 84116.  801.328.0224 Located 16 miles from MAEC. 


Temporary Event Insurance can be purchased here.

A few things to be aware of:

  • Vendors will have to pick the show from a drop-down list that includes shows other than just those run by MPE. 
  • Marketplace Events is not selling this insurance and doesn’t profit from it in any way.  This is simply a resource for those vendors who don’t already have the required insurance coverage per their contracts. 

The Insurance clause is #5 on the Terms and Conditions page of all booth space contracts. You may use any insurance company for insurance, or your existing plan may already provide the necessary coverage, but it must meet the following requirements: 

  • Comprehensive General Liability and All Risk Property insurance
  • Coverage must be from the start of move in to the end of move out
  • Coverage of at least $1,000,000 for each separate occurrence
  • Name Marketplace Events LLC and the venue as additional insured
  • Provide a copy of the certificate of insurance (COI) to MPE if requested

Ensure you are adequately insured. 


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In efforts to protect potential joint customers from fraudulent events and scammers, we request that you do not create your own Facebook Event. This helps us manage ticket sales for the event, and ensures that our team are available to support both exhibitors and potential attendees with any questions, comments, or concerns that they have. Please feel free to reach out to your show manager or show marketing manager with your companies’ Facebook page and we can add you as a co-host to the official event.

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There have been a number of spam emails offering our attendee lists. These are scams and the senders are unauthorized to use the Marketplace Events’ name. These scammers are attempting to receive monies from exhibiting companies without providing anything in return. These emails are not approved by Marketplace Events, and Marketplace Events would never ask for bank information or other sensitive information over email.  

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MPE Exhibit/Product Acceptability Standards For 2024 (USA)

As we enter a highly volatile political environment in advance of the 2024 General Election, Marketplace Events (MPE) wants to make clear its position on what content will not be permitted on its exhibit floors in all its US consumer home and holiday shows effective January 1, 2024. MPE shows are welcoming environments built solely to encourage face-to-face commerce. Creating respectful, safe marketplaces where our attendees and exhibitors can come together to learn, shop, compare pricing and do business together is our highest priority.

MPE’s acceptability standards do not permit political candidates, parties or other groups promoting issues or ballot initiatives to participate as exhibitors. In addition, the display or sale of any products or services that are political/partisan in nature or that can be interpreted to promote, incite, or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual, or religious intolerance are prohibited. MPE’s judgment in applying these standards will be final.

MPE maintains these policies to ensure a welcoming environment for all attendees and exhibitors.