Hadfield House

3890 W 7925 S
West Jordan UT
Booth: 1443

Company Description:

Our journey began with a cherished Christmas tradition of sharing homemade jalapeño and bell pepper jelly with loved ones. Their enthusiastic response led us to expand our flavors and venture into markets. The overwhelming success led Lynn to be fondly dubbed "The Jellyman." Our versatile jellies complement everything from cheese boards to grilled meats, adding a delightful kick to any dish.

We have a variety of flavors, ranging from mild to hot, and during the peak season for peppers, we create what we refer to as the "super hot", using Carolina Reaper peppers, Ghost Peppers, etc.

Show Specials:

Indulge in the savory delights of our artisanal jellies with our exclusive deal: Buy 5 jars and get 1 absolutely FREE! Whether you're a fan of our classic jalapeño and bell pepper or eager to explore our diverse range of flavors, now is the perfect t


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