Musical Pipes

Musical Pipes
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Clearfield UT
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Company Description:

Hi there! Here at Musical Pipes, we strive to provide fun family entertainment by allowing almost anyone to join in the fun of making music. From ages 3 to 100, the whole family or group can play more than 200 songs together with our simple pipe chimes. No musical talent required! Our xylophone stands allow just one person to show off their skills playing a simplified song on our chimes, you get two instruments in one. You can split the xylophone stands so you can play a duet with another person.

Our newest product is an indoor/outdoor xylophone that can be mounted just about anywhere for some simple music exploration. Bring out the musical side in you because after all, it's chime to make some music.

Show Specials:

Grab a family gift for the entire family to make musical memories for years to come for only around $60. Come talk to us and we'll give you a deal with full set purchases.

New Products

Along with our great pipe chime sets and song books, we've come out with an outdoor xylophone set you can place in an outdoor playground or garden area. Now you can make music outside.

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