Jen Galaxy Art

Jen Galaxy Art
1088 S 500 E Apt 1
Salt Lake City UT
Booth: 1115

Company Description:

Meet Jen Galaxy, a self-taught watercolor artist who has a passion for life, animals, human emotion, and color. Her love for nature and all living things is evident in her vibrant and expressive paintings. Through her art, she captures the beauty of life and the emotions that come with it. Her natural talent and dedication have allowed her to create stunning works of art that evoke a sense of joy and wonder. Her paintings are filled with bold colors and intricate details that draw the viewer in and leave a lasting impression. Whether it's a portrait of an animal or a landscape, her art reflects her deep appreciation for the world around her.

New Products

A limited amount of hand painted ornaments will be available, as well as Watercolor holiday cards and pet portrait gift certificates

Certifications & Awards

Jen Galaxy has been part of the St George art fest, Millcreek art fest, Holladay Art show, Ogden art show. Has won third place in watercolor last year


New Exhibitor